Low Cost Spider Mites Treatment

Low Cost Spider Mites Treatment


With No Spider Mites™ cost effectiveness you can now treat a plant completely, safely and effectively for less than $5.00 per plant! The single biggest cost to growers is not only the cost of the product, but also the TIME IT TAKES TO APPLY AND TREAT your spider mite infestation. Unlike any other products that require gloves, masks, protective clothing or special lighting, No Spider Mites™ can be used safely and effectively UNDER ANY LIGHT, FROM CLONE THROUGH HARVEST!

No need for painstaking hands on applications, or chemicals that can be harmful, or potentially ruin your crop if not used effectively. No Spider Mites™ comes in a ready to use form and is a SPIDER MITE ELIMINATOR! No Spider Mites™ is an ALL NEW SAFE & EFFECTIVE SPIDER MITE ELIMINATOR. Dispensary owners, Growers and countless numbers of industry professionals KNOW AND TRUST No Spider Mites™.

Systemic products work well, but YOU NOW HAVE A SAFE & EFFECTIVE FOLIAR APPLICATION that kills spider mites on contact and within seconds instantly. No Spider Mites™ leaves NO AROMA, NO AFTERTASTE and can be used at any time from clone through harvest. No Spider Mites™ was specifically engineered for our industry. Try some No Spider Mites™ today and forever change the way you treat your spider mite infestations.

Don’t poison your plants using toxic pesticides! Use No Spider Mites™ to control and kill spider mites

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