Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions about No Spider Mites

A. Yes, you can use No Spider Mites™ under any light with no harmful effects or BURNING! No need for gloves, goggles or special clothing. 

Q. How often do I spray?
A. Always use safe, effective and natural products for your valuable harvest. No Spider Mites™ was scientically engineered by growers for growers. No Spider Mites™ will KILL YOUR MITES on contact. Use day 1 or when your recognize a problem. Then, if necessary lightly spray as an overcoat anytime during days 4-6 and No Spider Mites™ will encapsulate your eggs and elminate your spider mite infestation. No Spider Mites™ is YOUR SPIDER MITE ELIMINATOR!

Q. Do I need to Dilute No Spider Mites™ ?
A. Not at all. No Spider Mites™ is Ready to Use formula makes attacking your spider mite problems simple like never before. Simply take No Spider Mites™, shake well, spray and watch your spider mite infestation get ELIMINATED.

Q. How soon will I be able to see results?
A. You will see results immediately and within seconds! No Spider Mites™ scientifically engineered formula works immediately and within seconds. No need to wait any longer. Get the results you need now!

Q. Can spider mites become grow an immunity or become immune over time?
A. No, No Spider Mites™ natural formula penetrates spider mites breathing passages and suffcoates mites immediately while penetrating and encapsulating their eggs. Unlike any other products No Spider Mites™ is a spider mite eliminator.

Q. How much does it cost to use No Spider Mites™?
A. When used effectively and as advised, No Spider Mites™ cost less than $4.80 per plant. When you compare the costs to having an all natural safe, immediate spider mite eliminator without any harmful effects from clone through harvest. For less than the cost of a sandwich you can save your valuable plant. Immediate results, with absolutely no harmful side effects, No Spider Mites™ is an all new spider mite eliminator that will change the way you treat your valuable harvests.

Q. Does No Spider Mites™ have any aroma or aftertaste?
A. Absolutely not! No Spider Mites™ natural plant oils and extratcts leave a fresh scent and aroma while eliminating your spider mite infestation immediately.

Q. How is No Spider Mites™ different?
A. No Spider Mites™ is unlike any other product. There are many great products in the market, but No Spider Mites™ will change the way you treat your spider mite infestations. Simply take the spray applicator, spray liberally and stop spider mites dead in their tracks. No need for harmful chemicals or wait time, apply today and see results now naturally!

Q. Why do industry professionals, dispensary owners and countless growers trust No Spider Mites™?
A. Simply put, IT WORKS. Its one thing to get your business, its another thing to keep it.

Q. I’m not sure how much product I should order. How much area does your product cover?
A. Our 32 oz. bottle of No Spider Mites will provide one application to 12 24” plants.

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